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After the fantastic visual representations of extrodinary midsections shown in fitness advertisements there remains the fact that your waistline size involves more than just abdominal muscles and body fat. Your waistline measurement also includes your internal organs and bones. It is possible through toning (the first stage of muscle re-conditioning) for any out of shape individual to lose two to three inches off their waistline in four to six weeks. They do this with any kind of non weight/resistance abdominal exercise. However, if you use a weight/resistance abdominal exercise machine, you will start to re-gain muscle size soon after the initial toning loss. You can remove an additional one eighth to one half inch off your waist with body fat reduction through diet and aerobic exercise. Unfortunately, the dimension of your internal stomach organs and bones may still keep you from having the trim looking midsection you desire.

There are three genetically distinct body types. (somotypes) There is the the lanky person (ectomorph), the stocky person (mesomorph), and the large person (endomorph.) Each of these body types has a different pelvic bone size and muscle growth pre-disposition. The lanky individual has a narrow pelvic bone and increases muscle mass slowly. The stocky individual has a wider pelvic bone and adds muscle mass quickly. The large individual has the widest pelvic bone and may or may not put on muscle mass rapidly. However, all body types have the ability to gain muscle strength!

Your abdominal muscles are the transition point for upper and lower body strength. Abdominal muscles move your midsection, support your spine, and protect the stomach organs which are located in your abdominal cavity. Your stomach is a bladder composed of flexible tissue capable of expanding and contracting as you eat, digest, and eliminate food and beverage. As a person gets older the stomach's flexible characteristics reduce. At some point, the stomach can no longer contract to the size it once did even when empty. However, with food reduction minimizing the stomach's daily stretch, it will shrink in size overtime. With an over-weight individual the loss of flexiblitiy is further complicated by the years of extreme daily stretch that the stomach has gone through. Even after weight loss, muscle toning, and body fat reduction, the waistline measurements of a formerly overweight individual may remain large, from the previous years of high volume food intake .

This fact makes it psychologically difficult to continue to exercise if the external appearance of a narrow waistline is your only objective. At a minimum, it takes several months to change appearance. Just be patient. The only way to speed up the process is to follow a high quality, scientifically designed, personal prescriptive workout plan. Only The BioFitness Institute can create this kind of plan for you. There is no other way.

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