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Regular exercise produces good muscle tone. Just to maintain good posture, some muscle fibers must always be contracting. Muscles exercised frequently do a better job at everything, including holding the body erect. Good tone makes a muscle both ready to move and resistant to fatigue.

The heart muscle is the greatest beneficiary of exercise. With regular exercise, the heart grows stronger. It draws more blood and oxygen through the coronary arteries and increases the amount of blood it pumps with each beat. A larger stroke volume means that the heart can pump the same amount of blood with fewer beats. This potentially adds years to its life-span.

Inside the muscle fibers other changes take place. Exercising a loose, disused muscle will make it firm, as the flaccid fibers grow taut and dense. Eventually they grow bigger as they adapt to the progressive resistance workload. Additional larger capillaries develop to bring blood to the exercising muscles as part of this growth.

Sufficiently overloaded, the myofibrils inside the muscle fiber also increase in size and number. Muscle strength depends on these changes. The greater a muscle's bulk, the stronger it is. Contrary to popular belief, bigger muscles are not inflexible. In fact, building strength will increase flexibility. People with big muscles are not muscle-bound. Bigger muscles are more efficient. They produce more energy both anaerobically and aerobically. Fit muscles resist fatigue. Repetitive strenuous exercise causes the brain to release small amounts of chemicals called endorphins, which ease or even mask pain. Exercise breeds hope. Getting the body into shape is living proof that human beings can change for the better. Having your workouts planned by The BioFitness Institute assures that your body gets in shape safely and quickly.

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