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Muscles move and support bones. Muscles give your body form and motion. Protein supplies your muscles with amino acids for repair and growth. Carbohydrates (sugar) and fats supply your muscles with the energy for action. If your nutritional intake of protein, carbohydrate, and fat is correct for your activity level, then almost all of the nutrients will be put to use by your body. If your caloric intake exceeds your nutritional needs your body will have to do something with the excess. It eliminates some of the unnecessary calories. This puts undue stress on your digestive system and can lead to a premature breakdown of the organs involved. It stores the remainder of the unused calories inside your body as fat (energy put aside for future use). Most people find themselves growing over-fat. This over-fat condition leads to the multitude of physical disorders associated with obesity; joint degeneration premature aging, organ disease, cancer, and heart attack.

The initial amount of fat cells (adipose tissue) in your body is determined by genetics. Usually the amount of fat cells you are conceived with are not enough to lead to obesity. It is during the third trimester, the first two years after birth, and again during the post puberty period that the predisposition to obesity takes place. The number of fat cells in your body can be increased by a high fat diet at these times. Once you acquire a large amount of fat cells they never go away. They enlarge when you store fat and they shrink when you reduce it.

Not all fat is unhealthy. Your body requires essential fat for insulation, metabolic function, and to protect your organs. For this reason your body can convert both protein and carbohydrates (sugar) into fat when needed. Unfortunately, your body cannot convert fat back into protein and carbohydrate (sugar). There are only two ways to loss fat: 1) you can have it surgically removed; and 2) you can reduce your calories and increase your activity level so you burn it as fuel.

Skeletal muscle is the second most biologically active tissue in your body next to your heart. The more muscle you have the easier it is to burn fat. This is why it is recommended that a person exercise when they diet. Exercise will spare the muscle tissue so that mostly fat is lost while dieting. If you are not dieting but eating correctly while exercising, muscle tissue will grow, and your proportion of fat will reduce. Aerobic exercise burns 4 times more calories than anaerobic exercise per unit of time. When dieting, Aerobic exercise reduces fat faster.

Fat and muscle weigh the same. Fat is less dense then muscle. Because of this, a pound of fat will be larger then a pound of muscle. Fat is made up of 22% water, 72% lipids (fat), and 6% protein. Muscle is composed of 70% water, 7% lipids (fat), and 22% protein. The high water content of muscle causes you to lose mostly muscle when dieting without exercise. There are 3500 calories in a pound of fat. There are 600 calories in a pound of muscle. An extra 500 calories a day will add a pound of fat a week to your body.

There are individual tendencies to store fat cells in different areas of your body. This is an inherited characteristic that cannot be altered. Women accumulate fat mostly in the legs, arms, and hips. Men will gather fat in the back, and abdominal area. There is no such thing as spot removal of fat unless it is done surgically. When reducing, fat is mobilized out of the fat cells all over your body, then carried by the blood stream to your active cells, and burned for energy. This means that your fat deposits itself into specific areas of your body when you accumulate the fat, but reduces from all areas of your body when you lose it. The areas with the largest deposits are the last to show the benefits of a fat loss program. This fact makes it psychologically difficult to continue exercising when an external appearance of fat loss is your primary motivation. At a minimum, it takes several months to change appearance. Just be patient. The only way to speed up the process is to follow a high quality, scientifically designed, personal prescriptive workout plan. Only The BioFitness Institute can create this kind of plan for you. There is no other way.

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