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"BioFitness Institute for Seniors Assures The Amount Of Results In Advance!"

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Press impressions of the "Fitness Buddy", BioFitness workout plan generator, inside the BioFitness Institute for Seniors, doing Expert System Automated Reasoning exercise planning:

  "Personal trainers are fast being replaced by less pricey computer coaches at home and at the gym. The Fitness Buddy . . . creates a customized workout schedule." VOGUE MAGAZINE
  "The Fitness Buddy can pump you up in a timely fashion. After you complete a test that measures your fitness level, the program creates a customized weight training and aerobic program along with a precise time schedule for you to accomplish your goals." MEN'S JOURNAL
  "The Fitness Buddy creates personalized workout plans based on your fitness level. . ." SELF MAGAZINE
  "* * * * Four Stars out of 4. The Fitness Buddy allows true individualization of your workout." WOMAN'S SPORTS + FITNESS
  "The Fitness Buddy provides a 'personal trainer' approach by measuring your fitness level . . . and providing a work-out schedule to reach your maximum performance."  URBAN FITNESS MAGAZINE
  "The Fitness Buddy truly lives up to its name as a training partner. The Fitness Buddy formulates a specific program to implement and shows you just where you'll be at the end." METROSPORTS MAGAZINE
  ". . . if you want to create an exercise program, The Fitness Buddy, is the next best thing to hiring a personal trainer." COMPUTER SHOPPER
  "Consumers are left stranded without a fitness plan when they purchase equipment. The Fitness Buddy insures exercisers that virually no sweat is wasted. The program takes into consideration the differences between a man and a woman's physiology, and will customize a schedule of activity, geared to the user's specified choice of exercise." SPORTING GOODS BUSINESS
   "The Fitness Buddy creates a balanced, customized plan for a detailed workout schedule." IDEA PERSONAL TRAINER MAGAZINE
  "From data provided by the user, The Fitness Buddy creates a balanced, customized plan that incorporates, fully tested exercise and training techniques, and a detailed workout schedule..." ADVANCE FOR PHYSICAL THERAPISTS
  ". . . plans, coaches, projects, and motivates fast results by creating a customized workout plan based on each users physical condition, level of exercise experience, and fitness goals . . . The Fitness Buddy plan is fully detailed with progress built in, it can accelerate the fitness benefits to the user . . ." PHYSICAL THERAPY PRODUCTS
  "The Fitness Buddy is a software program for creating personalized, professional-quality workout plans that really deliver. . ." HI-TECH COACHING & TRAINING


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