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An optimized exercise program must use cycle training. It should cycle between high-volume/low-intensity training and low- volume/high-intensity training. These training cycles are called Meso Cycles. Four 7 day Micro cycles become a Meso Cycle.

During a high-volume/low-intensity Meso Cycle, the resistance is lighter and the repetitions higher, so the total workload becomes larger. In a low-volume/high- intensity phase, the opposite is true. The resistance is heavier and the total repetitions fewer, so that the total workload is less. The intensity of the training is determined by adding the total amount of resistance used, either by exercise, workout, week, or month, and then dividing by the total number of repetitions used. Thus the total volume of resistance divided by total repetitions will equal a lesser amount during a low intensity cycle and a higher amount during a high intensity cycle.

The reason for cycle training is simple. Your muscles can respond to an intensity of exercise for a limited time before they adapt. When the muscle adapts it's development slows down and you may reach a plateau in about four to six weeks. This is known as the "point of diminished return". Macro Cycling with high and low intensity Meso Cycles not only prevents this but improves your results. The muscles do not adapt because they are constantly stimulated by the rotating Meso Cycles. Plateaus are minimized and steady gains achieved.

The physics of form and function cause a muscle to change according to the intensity of the training. During a high intensity cycle, power-strength develops. During a low intensity period, endurance-strength develops. High intensity builds muscle fiber density, while low intensity builds muscle fiber size. Using Macro Cycles comprised of alternating Meso cycles makes a healthier, better shaped muscle with superior performance qualities.

Periodization refers to the organizing of the Micro and Meso Cycles into a long term Macro Cycle plan for competition which peaks on a specific date. For example a Body Builder will always peak at the end of a high volume-low intensity cycle when muscle size is maximized. The Weightlifter and Powerlifter will always peak at the end of a low volume-high intensity training cycle when power-strength is greatest. To periodize an exercise program you take the date of your competition and count your Meso Cycles backward to your starting date.

The BioFitness Institute automatically formulates both high and low intensity Micro Cycles and Meso Cycles for you. It correctly adjusts and maintains your total workload and progressive increases while doing it.

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